Natural Mole Remedies Compared

Dermatend Dermatend is our #1 recommended treatment for moles. Thousands of people have given the company positive testimonials about DermaTend. Unlike surgical mole removal methods, DermaTend is pain-free and involves no cutting.

How it works

The mole must be roughed up or scratched with a pumice stone or needle before applying the DermaTend ointment. It takes between 3-5 days to remove the mole, and then another ten days for the scab left by the treatment to completely heal and fall off.

It is especially important to take care of the scab and not pick it off. Letting the scab dry out or tearing it off usually leaves a scar. While this scar is usually visible, it is much less obvious than the mole. A healing balm is available that will lessen the appearance of the scar and promote faster healing.

Click here to visit the DermaTend website for more information, including ingredients and customer reviews. DermaTend is backed by a 60-day money back guarantee. DermaTend has been in business for years and has thousands of satisfied customers.

H-Moles by Amoils

H-MolesH-Moles by Amoils is our other product recommendation. H-Moles uses tea tree and other essential oils to remove moles.

H-Moles takes daily applications for 1-2 weeks to fully remove your moles. The process is simple but does take time. However, the all-natural oils work gently to dissolve the mole. In addition, essential oils to condition and heal the skin are in the product itself, so there is little chance of scarring.

Click here to visit the Amoils site. Amoils has been selling H-Mole and other skin care products since 2001. H-Mole has five-star reviews on its product page and is covered by an unconditional 60-day money-back guarantee.

Natural treatments vs Surgical removal

Most dermatologists will happily remove your moles surgically. It is a safe procedure with little risk of complication and they can charge hundreds of dollars for each mole you want removed.

However, all surgical options for mole removal are likely to leave a scar. Sometimes the scar left behind is even more noticeable than the mole itself was! If you are removing your mole for cosmetic reasons, this is obviously a major drawback of surgical mole removal. Paying hundreds of dollars to remove moles when you will just be left with an unsightly scar can be a waste of money and can damage your appearance.

Natural treatments carry a much lower risk of leaving scars behind after the mole is gone. In addition, the expense of doctor or specialist visits and procedures is eliminated. Natural treatments can be performed at home and the cost is minimal.

We recommend several natural remedies for removing moles. Most natural treatments work in the same way, although the herbs and other ingredients they contain may be different.